H2X Therapool Series

Ideal for fitness and exercise, H2X Fitness Therapool models help you get active and stay active. Therapool models feature up to three flow stream jets that complement the natural resistance of water so you get the most out of your workout. Hydrotherapy and relaxation are built-in, with the the contoured seating, massaging jets, and ability to adjust the water temperature up to a soothing 104 degrees.

Who will love it: Fitness and therapy seekers

H2X Therapool D

The Therapool D measures close to 8' x 11' and has a massive 60" depth. It has more that 50 jets with three high-performance flow stream jets for resistance training and aquatic exercise. It comes standard with the H2Xercise kit for rowing and strength training and a stainless steel exercise bar. The Therapool D is the perfect spa for exercise, fitness, or family fun and comes standard with waterline LED, water features and stainless steel jets.

H2X Therapool SE

This fitness spa is jam packed with high end features but at a surprisingly affordable price. A large flat floor is perfect for aquatic exercise and rehabilitation and three swim jets provide a current for walking or running in place. At the end of your workout, slip into one of the ergonomic seats and let the hydrotherapy jets help relieve aches and pains and speed recovery for many injuries.