H2X Challenger Series

The Challenger bridges the gap between fitness and performance, so you can take your training to the next level. Challenger models feature an innovative jet system that does not introduce air into the water stream. With VIP Technology and six strategically placed jets, the system creates a smooth, wide current of water that can challenge a novice or elite swimmer with the press of a button. Plus, experience the hydrotherapy and relaxation you want and need.

Who will love it: Athletes and fitness enthusiasts

Meet our Brand Ambassadors!

Ben Hoffman

  • Triathlete
  • IRONMAN Champion
  • Six IRONMAN Wins
  • Trains in a Challenger 15 Deep





Mirinda Carfrae

  • Triathlete
  • IRONMAN Champion
  • Three-time IRONMAN winner
  • Trains in a Challenger 15 Deep

Challenger 15 D

Specifications for the Challenger 15 DDimensions: 180" x 94" x 60" Water Capacity: 1,930 Gallons (7,306 L) ...

Challenger 18 D

Specifications for Challenger 18 DDimensions: 215" x 94" x 60" Water Capacity: 2,080 Gallons (7,874 L) We...

Challenger 19 D

Specifications for Challenger 19 DDimensions: 231" x 94" x 60" Water Capacity: 2,285 Gallons (10,388 L) W...