Master Spas – Twilight Series

Welcome the night!

At the end of the day , it isn't really about the morning's marathon meetings or the afternoon's deadlines.  Or that tangled mess of bumpers called "commuter traffic."  Or three dozen cupcakes your child volunteered for the class. This is about some YOU time - just you and the comfortable relief of your Twilight Series spa.  Yes, this is where day meets night, and all is right with your world.

Twilight Series hot tubs provide a full-sensory experience that combines world-class hydrotherapy, a calming cascade of gently glowing lights and legendary quality and industry-leading design. Come home each day to therapeutic relief and mind-easing relaxation.

TS 240

The TS 240 is the most luxurious small spa available and fits perfectly into any corner or most rooms. Designed with unmatchable benefits like the Master BlasterTM Foot Massage Therapy System, Orion Lighting, and the StressReliefTM Neck and Shoulder Seat, the TS 240 is the perfect getaway.

TS 6.2

The TS 6.2 is the ideal combination of luxury and space. With its lower profile, the TS 6.2 can be a perfect compliment to any indoor space or backyard getaway. The amazing therapeutic benefits and ease of maintenance make it an easy choice for your daily dose of relaxation.

TS 67.25

The amazing TS 67.25 is packed full of benefits like a Master Blaster Foot Massage and the colorful Orion Lights all in a more compact package. If you've got a small space or a small family getaway everyday with your new TS 67.25.

TS 7.2

The top selling TS 7.2 has it all with amazing relaxation features like dual pumps, Master BlasterTM Foot Therapy, and the StressReliefTM Neck and Shoulder Seat that will massage away aches and pains. Plus, optional Afterglow Jets can add amazing color to your spa experience.

TS 7.25

The amazing TS 7.25 comes standard with Orion Lighting, StressReliefTM Neck and Shoulder Seat, and much more. With the optional Fusion Sound System and Afterglow Jet package the TS 7.25 will not only make your days and nights better, it will become a centerpiece for your backyard.

TS 8.2

Repeatedly recognized as a “Best Buy” in the premium category by Consumers Digest, the TS 8.2 is luxury at its best! This spacious spa provides 6 seats including an ergonomically designed lounge plus the Master BlasterTM Foot Therapy System, and a StressReliefTM Neck and Shoulder Seat.

TS 8.25

The TS 8.25 has seating for 7 people and a very spacious foot area for people to stretch out. With dual therapy pumps and many standard features, the TS 8.25 will certainly enhance your life and how you feel.

TS 87.3

New for 2015......The Twilight 87.3 is 94" x 84" x 38" with dual lounges. This hot tub comes standard with LED lighting and Eco Pur filtration, as does all Twilight Series hot tubs.