Nordic Hot Tubs

Hydrotherapy to this day is the only recognized treatment that works as a natural pain reliever. In cases of joint problems and people with more sever disabilities, hydrotherapy is extremely beneficial for restoring normal functions of the body. Nordic is DTS (Dual Therapy System - Back Massage and Turbo Whirlpool Therapy) is the Perfect Therapy.

Nordic Hot Tubs is the STAR of the hot tub industry.

  • Simple - Nordic has not wavered in its focus on Simplicity.
  • Therapeutic - Nordic offers Whirlpool Therapy in every model. We are proud to lead the industry in Therapeutic Spas for the home.
  • Affordable - Nordic offers one of the most affordable lines of spas without sacrificing quality.
  • Reliable - Every component used in our spas is a proven industry leader just to assure our customers that Nordic is reliability is second to none.

"All In" 110V Series

The value series is designed to be an easy "Plug N Play" hot tub while providing our exclusive DTS (Dual Therapy System), the combination of high volume whirlpool flow and targeted direct pressure jet...

Classic Series

This series is what started the Nordic Passion! Classic round hot tubs provide our exclusive DTS whirlpool therapy with comfort barrier free seating. These models will fit most any need from size to d...

Modern Series

This series contains different shapes and sizes to fulfill anyone's needs. With stylish and comfortable models, this series offers an array of seating capacity, depth, unique layout and all are conver...

Sport Edition

This series is for those that want more jet pressure in their hydrotherapy. These hot tubs are also found in the Modern Series but have increased horsepower to deliver the highest water flow available...